Kyle Baldock in super slow motion

You gotta dig the scale of this clip… Filmed at 1000fps with the $250,000 Phantom Flex camera in the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, this shoot combines one of the world’s most talented and driven BMX riders, Kyle Baldock, throwing down a handful of incredible next level tricks to give an all new perspective of BMX. Cash rules everything around me…

A concept is one thing, but pulling all the elements together is another. The sheer size and scope of the production pulled together by the crew at Unit is above and beyond anything BMX on these shores has ever seen. And the results are simply incredible. Kyle Baldocks unstoppable lust for progressing just what is possible at 1000 fps. The idea in a nutshell was to capture Kyle Baldock and his brand of cutting edge riding in slow motion using Reds latest Epic HD camera and the cutting edge Phantom Flex slow motion camera. Of course once you’ve gto your hands on over three hundred and fifty grands worth of optics, why not up the anté abd shoot it in Warner Brothers largest soundstage on the Gold Coast. Ultimately, filming indoors was really the only option considering the fragile equipment, and we doubt anyone involved in the mix wanted to trust in a weather report.

Kyle Baldock front flip whipping the Movieworld set up

For both the Phantom and the Red cameras to capture enough light, the crew had to use over 73Kw of film lighting, which put simply is pretty much enough power to burn holes in your retina for life should you decide to stare down into the barn doors. To say this made it pretty damn difficult for Kyle to see clearly is a massive understatement. And this was usually the case mid trick, which in Kyles case is usually mid flip/whip/spin. But Kyle worked hard, and made it all happen. While he may have wanted to keep a few of his latest tricks under cover, there was never a better time to showcase the likes of downside whip to 360 and a whole lot more on a set up that sent him higher than anything he’ll see in competition this year.

Kyle Baldock cliff hanging in the darkness
Kyle’s drive to drop his biggest moves in a seriously difficult situation is a showcase of his pure determination. After two days of set up and testing, the shoot itself was one very long day on set for director Allan Hardy and 15 or so crew running the studio, lighting, camera equipment, ramps and of course, the unstoppable Kyle Baldock. What they captured is nothing short of incredible. Cutting edge an understatement, in both technology terms and of course the riding itself. It’s not too long a shot to say Kyles riding will no doubt see him as a massive contender in this years Xgames and Dew Tour events. And we’re sure he’s got more up his sleeve.

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