Certified vs Non-Certified Helmets

I remember saying a few months back that I was interested in how the Certified vs Non-Certified helmet debate would play out. The background is that Brett Banasiewicz crashed at a Vans invitational, hit his head real bad and got bleeding on the brain. Thankfully he made it through the worst of it, but is now undergoing a long rehabilitation process.

The issue here is that Brett was wearing a helmet. He wasn’t wearing a CPSC approved (the equivalent of Australian Standards) helmet – he was wearing a helmet similar to Protec’s Buckey Lasek helmet, you know the one… classic, hard shell with soft foam inserts.

I guess for me it begs the question – especially after watching this video – why are these helmets on the market, how are they even being sold as a safety product. I’ve worn a Lasek helmet for years now, but I’m going to be investigating alternate options.

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