How to: Get sponsored

Kyle Baldock by Tom Smith
Kyle Baldock’s riding speaks for itself, but his respect and work ethic for his sponsors speaks louder.

Seems nowadays, getting on the flow tip with a big sponsorship is becoming a big driving force behind the riding dream for more than a few up and coming riders. Fuelled with images of bling, cars, endless energy drinks and money thanks to the constant barrage of webclips, magazines and DVD’s, the reality of making a living from your desired pastime has become more documented than ever. It seems a long way from growing up riding for fun and maybe pushing each other to learn something new for not much more than the appreciation of those within your crew. So, it’s now time to welcome you to the 2020 rough guide to sponsorship in Australia.

Ryan Lloyd fast plant by Ben McPherson
Ryan Lloyd shreds, you know that, but behind the amazing riding is one of the nicest, most respectful dudes you’re ever likely to meet.

Sponsorship in Australia…
Our scene in Australia has come a long way, especially when thinking of the level of riding. So with rider run websites, magazines, DVD’s, plus the big players on TV and more coming up just as hard, the ability for one to score coverage and represent a sponsors products has lead to the inevitable growth of sponsorship opportunities here in Australia. Not to the level of those overseas in any way shape or form, however, hook ups are hook ups. And they are becoming a lot more attainable and more and more lucrative as time goes on. In order to set a few things straight and to help point you in the right direction if you are inclined to want to make this knobby hobby not only a way of life but a living (or even if you are from the industry side and wonder how to approach this world of giving stuff away to loose cannons on little bikes), then read on.* We have picked the brains of industry and riders alike to let you know the in’s and outs of sponsorship, the do’s and dont’s, and what is expected from all involved, in what can be one of the best or worst experiences you can have in your riding lifetime.

*This is by no means the be all and end all to getting hooked up, just an insider’s look!

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