Save Hazelbrook Trails

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Last weekend saw a bit of drama unfold up at the infamous Hazo Trails in the Blue Mountains. Some local residents got pissed and are calling for the place to be ploughed. Xave Koen has taken up the challenge to form a group defending this iconic dirt haven that has played home to so many riders over the last eighteen, possibly more years. Xave’s call to arms from Facebook follows:
‘This friday arvo at hazo jumps we need AS MANY people as possible to come down and be there when the councillor turns up. We have to prove to him that the jumps have a positive influence on the broader community and riders alike. Families, dudes, skaters, riders, ladies, anyone who can spare the afternoon around 3.30pm to help show support for the place. Please come along! Have a ride, have a chat, maybe even a sausage sandwich (doubt it). Every face there on friday will help make a difference. For anyone who needs directions, inbox me or just head down Oaklands road, hazelbrook,(turn off next to the servo). Follow it down and im sure you wont miss the place.’
Already, Xave’s Facebook call has awoken some legends of Hazo, including Glen Newland, who apparently used to throw rocks at Xave. Who would throw rocks at Xave? Only a true man… Anyway, I digress, get up there on Friday. If you need, hit us up and we’ll put you in contact. See you there.

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  1. Shane Conlon

    How bout we find out we those wingen fucken wankers homes and threaten to knockem em down and see how they like it! I still remember going there for the first time when I was eleven and then everyweekend after for years would be such a shame to see them dozed!

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