2020 issue 48 out this week!

We’ve been hard at work over the last month pulling together what is possibly our favourite issue of 2020 to date. It’s kinda special, in that it had a lot of help pulling it together and the resulting collection of images, words, design and love that has made it onto the pages is something we’re more than a little proud of. In a time when magazines are being shut down and called old school in this age of digital content produced for free under the premise of internships or ‘for the love’, the pages of 2020 are going off like never before. 2020 has and always will provide a legitimate pathway for photographers, writers and designers (plus riders alike) in a professional manner, paying for contributions and establishing talent with a real means to follow their chosen fields into professional life beyond BMX. But enough talking the talk, you wanna know whats inside.

Issue 48 delves deep into the recovery process in our Creaky Future feature to see how injury and comeback is handled by some very well known riders including Ryan Lloyd, Paul Langlands, Claw and all intro’d by one that knows all too well the consequences of crashing; Alex Liiv. We go traveling with an intrepid crew through the highest country on the world; Nepal and locally with the Colony team on their epic Follow the Lines tour of the east coast. Interviewed this issue is the infamous Jack Birtles whose originality on both sides of the lens is nothing short of inspiring and his well deserved cover is definitely one of the raddest yet. Then we head into the backyards of both Cam White and the Kerr Brothers to see what a few thousand hours and a shovel can do for your garden along with hitting up the latest jams from around the country. And you’ve got the chance to win a Colony Sweet tooth frame. Out this week across Australia in the printed form for $9.95 through our webstore, good bike shops and newsagents, world wide via the app store in the digital form for $3.99. Limited numbers will cross the seas to New Zealand over the next few weeks too. Support independent Australian BMX media and keep our amazing scene documented from the riders perspective.

For a preview of whats in the pages, enlarge the viewer above! A massive thanks goes out to all involved in the making of this issue, while I’ve been in and out of action with my own battles to fight, you all got the mag done and it looks amazing. Thanks! Full cover after the jump!
2020v48 cover (newsagent)
Jack Birtles getting his drop on for the camera of Stephen Joseph.

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