Leah Brideson USA x Canada trip

BMX and travel are so intertwined it ain’t funny, a perfect match so to speak. So when a dude and a girl who both dig BMX and travel set out on their own adventures, things can only be amazing. And by the looks, Canberra’s Brendan or B-Dog as you may know him upped the anté and proposed to his now fiancé Leah on the trip. Talk about the fairytale story line! B-Dog documented the travels through NYC, The Rocky Mountains, SLC, Syracuse, Saskatoon, Airdrie, Phlugerville and ATX and of course a lot of Leah shredding countless spots during the time away. BMX, travels, good times and more in this really well put together piece. Feeling all full of good vibes after this one! Get out there, there’s a whole world awaiting your presence.

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