Steven Hamilton

I don’t think I’ve made any secret that I’m a big fan of Steven Hamilton. I don’t know whether I’d call it controversy – but there has been a certain buzz around Steven over the last few years. I think it started when he dropped off the map, and then reappeared touting an off-beat, somewhat incoherent blog. He kinda popped up on the radar every now and then. It all came to a head with his Albion interview – titled People Hate When You’re Changing – the conclusion of which he publicly refuted in a separate interview with DIG.

For anyone not interested in reading either interview – the proposition of his interview in The Albion was that Steve was washed up, perhaps even irreversibly messed up from years of substance abuse. The counter-argument from Steven in DIG was interesting – basically Bancroft (editor of The Albion) expected too much from Steven, in terms of riding, in the middle of winter. That and Steve was fucking with him.

I suppose after reading the DIG interview, I was left with a sense of hope. He’d kicked the booze and drugs, and been clean for the best part of a year. Maybe Hamilton isn’t completely and irreversibly messed up. Maybe his best years are still ahead of him. Maybe Bancroft was wrong, maybe he dramatised his experiences.

After watching this edit, I feel the sense of hope wasn’t unfounded. Definitely the most collection of riding I’ve seen from Steven in years now – I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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