Adam Hough

Our favourite world travelling nomad BMXer Adam Hough has been getting some coverage lately from all parts of the globe. Firstly from a French trails DVD that just dropped, then his riding in the recent FoxBMXPro at Rampfest and now this treat. Doug Underhill has pulled together this four minute blinder of an edit that shows Adams versatility and style on anything he points his 20 at. Lots of unique lines and moves from across his home state of Vicco and South Australia. I’m doubting there’s been an edit this year thats covered so many spots with so many styles. And yes, there’s some fufanus in this edit, stoked! Of course you knew he was on the cover of issue 9 of 2020 right? Adam is riding for InputBMX and running their amazing Aus made stems and sprockets. Look for a piece on Input in the new issue of 2020 coming out in early October.

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