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TSG Dawn Helmets

Protect your head!

TSG take head protection pretty damn seriously. And with the introduction of the Dawn helmet, they’ve added all the style to their legendary protection that you’ll ever need. The full cut hardshell surrounds a EPS impact foam liner that together provide all the protection required to pass Australian Standards and keep your skull and brain in one piece. It’s easy to think that simply stopping your skull from cracking is the prime motivation to wear a helmet, but it goes deeper. When you crash hard, your brain get’s bounce hard inside your skull and this damage can be much harder to repair than a simple fracture. Which is why the EPS foam is there, basically to slow the impact inside your skull. I know I’ve been KO’d in non certified helmets and while my skull was OK, I was dazed for some time after the incidents.

The Dawn is the first Australian Standards approved full cut and as such, is definitely worth checkin out should you want to roll with 70’s style but keep that very important part of your body in one piece.

Available in black, red, yellow and white at your local BMX source! If not, hit up SuperSports to find your closest dealer.

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Photos by Tony Nolan

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