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We got this little piece of BMX goodness in our inbox this morn from Radelaide rider Mick King. A compilation of spots from the SA scene that represents what BMX is all about for those that ain’t living the pro BMX dream! I’ll let Micks email tell you all about it. “I’ve had some time off due to injury but the BMX gods aligned in 2011 when I met a dude, in a tiny town in South Carolina who re-sparked my love for BMX – turns out we had actually lived 10 minutes away in Adelaide for the last 8 years. We have had some unreal times since then and BMX is back in the front and centre of my life. Don’t let that fool you, let the video speak for itself, i’m not great, I simply love BMX for all the good times it has given me. I watch every video on your online mag and love those rare clips that make me think “hey I could probably do that line.” I know most dudes will watch this and get bored but on the off chance theres some new or old shredders out there that also enjoy the average rider having a blast on his bike, I thought I’d send this in.”

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