The 10 best Australian Web edits of 2013

2013 was a massive year, especially for Australian BMX. Over the 12 months that was, the level of edits coming our way from local crew was ridiculous. So much so that we figured why not celebrate with our list of the best edits of the year just gone. Think of it as a way to recognise the talent and vision from both the sides of the lens that defined BMX in 2013 on these shores via the internet. Follow the link to our top ten Australian web edits of 2013.

With an assorted crew of 2020 contributors and friends onboard to sift through the hours of edited footage, the selection process was a tough one. Trawling backwards through hundreds of pages on the 2020 site, Focal Point, Diversity, Vimeo and YouTube was a mission. But that is dwarfed by the work put in by those making it. So much effort goes into this new media it’s pretty staggering when you think about it. The hours filming, getting booted from spots, breaking gear, sitting in front of a computer piecing it together, sweating song choice, hard drive malfunctions, let alone the time and sweat put in is ludicrous. Especially when you realise so much of it is done for nothing, and the edit itself, no matter how good it may be, is quickly swallowed up in the unstoppable tide of new edits dropping almost every hour.

With a criteria loosely based on the quality of riding, filming, editing, creativity, stick in your memory and popularity, after much debate and back and forth we came up with this list. The results are in no particular order, as we figure making the top ten is achievement enough, and the discussion on the order would still be going on next year..… The top ten Australian edits of 2013 are…

Fit Bike Co Beechy

By a whole lotta dudes we figure….

About time that we got to see something from this dude. I have heard so much about this guy and his riding abilities from many people, so I was pretty excited to watch this, maybe that’s why I remember this. There was some pretty retarded clips in this, the massive wall-ride was so sick and also, the song was pretty sick, not really memorable but accompanied the riding perfectly. Beechy has such a unique wildman style too, I love it. Apparently he has been filming more shit for Gray’s DVD which will be so amazing. Mike V

Downlow Tall Shadow

By Calvin Kosovich

Calvin is a workhorse (although he doesn’t want you to think that) and the dudes over in Perth fucking shred. The concept behind this edit is cool and something that isn’t really done all that much. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to organise and make purely night time riding happen. Dope editing and filming and accompanied by a killer song. Awesome work to everyone involved. Mike V

Division Anton Ayres

By Raphael Jeroma William’s, Nathan Seeley, Jack Birtles, Carraig Troy and Mason Ainsworth

I might be getting biased voting in a friend here, But Antons Division vid kills it. Prove me wrong. Big and tech and tech and big and is doing shit people haven’t done yet, thats always been whats dope. eLC

Anchor BMX Vic Bowls Trip

By Flagz

Loved this. I definitely prefer to watch cutting edge street riding, but the vibe of this edit (moreso a video), is amazing. I think Flagz produced/filmed it which is probably why it’s so good. I loved the raw, country-esque feel created through the lifestyle shots and song choice. Definitely made me want to be on the trip and I remembered this badboy as a result. Mike V

Into the City

By Cooper Brownlee

Quality filming! Top marks for low light street shooting, awesome time-lapse’s and an ultra crisp and clean feel.  A lotta work put in here from concept to post. For free on the line too…. eLC


By Jack Birtles

Had to choose a Birtles edit, he consistently releases amazingly produced edits, something that is lacking in BMX. Isn’t it strange that in BMX (and all action sports) the filmer is also the editor, think about how retarded that would be in bigger production pieces. Anyway, this edit seems like one big mix of awesome riding, party times and general good vibes. Mike V
Flawless camera work and the best post production from Mr Jirtles. Put this in the mix with crazy partying action and a great crew vibe of friends and you’ve got a memorable vid and not some ring in vid of guys pretending to be mates cause they’re on a team like I see too often. May also contain bush turkey… eLC

Nothings Wrong Old Fashioned

By Greg and Flagz

The only other contender for this top ten production was their trailer with the fishes. Now I chose this simply cause you can’t fake cool! And this vid is the coolest. Street-street riding not park rat street riding. Dudes put in work for this and then put a full vid straight online for free. All sections are spot on cause these dudes weren’t doing the latest and greatest, but were using their heads at spots and doing different shit. And waddayaknow? It’s refreshing. Great choice of tracks that suit and grimy points leave a vibe that can’t be duplicated. Job done! eLC

Etnies x Tora Sumi Benn Pigot

By John Young

Best golden hour vid I’ve seen with great colour and Benn’s massive style for miles at Five Dock. Bit iconic just quietly. Big, fast and big’s usually not my style but tastefully done and it came off perfect, short and sweet. eLC

Afray Mixtape 2013

By Jack Birtles and John Young

John on colour grade, Jack on film and edit. Anyway, two of the best get together and make a dope vid with good tracks, shot well, the whole nine. Plus it has Raph the bush turkey in it which is always a bonus. eLC

Jared Carter Fit Bike Co

By Scott Greentree

This comes to mind as one of my favourite edits of 2013 as its just so badass. Music is fitting, production is nice and simple, plus the riding is bullshit good. Mitch Morison

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