NYRM are washed up….

John Young has a stash of edits and almost finished projects that would provide content for many a website for a year. Lucky for us he’s upped Nahyouritemate’s 2013 Washed Up production that never saw the light of day last year. Lucky as aside the good times and good vibe you know it’s packing, there’s some rare Chris O’Donnell footage that blows my mind. Everytime I see Chris ride I’m thinking he’s one of the most talented riders on the planet. Zac Miner runs some solid lines and Bondi in general gets a serious shredding. Always stoked to get a glimpse of NYRM’s founder and NYC fashion shooter extraordinaire Nick Gascoine. Before fame and fortune he blazed some of 2020’s finest photos. Moral of the story? John Young, if you’re reading this, drop all your edits online soon!

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