Osaka, Japan by Jack Birtles

Japan is one amazing country to visit. I’ve been lucky enough to head there on a few occasions and every time it’s blown my mind. The mix of old school (see ancient) and futuristic worlds, crazy fetishes taken to the extreme cast against the most respectful culture on the planet, it’s massive population works together so well and is by far one of the most entertaining places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. Jack Birtles and Kyle Jacobsen along with a crew of like minded BMX party heads made what might be the most impromptu trip to the land of the rising sun to indulge in everything has to offer along with ride their bikes. Can’t think of anything better in life really! One very entertaining edit right here thats refreshing in it’s rawness and lack of endless sponsor focus pulls. Just a crew on a random mission to an amazing place. That right there is the formula for goodness, be it the experiences gained on the trip or for us watching! Issue 50 of 2020 has a feature from this trip that ads a whole lot more to the story thanks to some amazing photography from Kyle… Out in early March!

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