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2020 makes it to 50!

A one off mag back in 1998 has continued to roll out of the collective heads of so many talented people and off the printing press 50 times. I’m quietly amazed, definitely very proud and seriously stoked to have been able to put so much back into something that has given me so much over the years.

Looking back through the issues brings back so many memories. The stories, the photos, the mess ups, the events and the amazing times, they all make up what 2020 was, is and will be. I’ve always wanted to showcase just how good the crew in this country are at riding bike’s, shooting photos and expressing themselves off the bike in all sorts of wild ways.

This issue takes a retrospective look at where we’ve come from alongside some amazing content from all around this crazy country. From the high country’s full pipe to the deep end of many an abandoned pool and the streets of Melbourne. The travels don’t stop there with a loose crew hitting up Japan and we catch up with Coco Zurita while he was on our shores. Blazing on the cover and in the company of some of the best riders Australia has ever produced, Benn Pigot going large on the hallowed transitions of Five Dock.

I’m so stoked to have been able to take this journey and create something I can look back on and feel real pride in doing. When so many told me it couldn’t be done, making it to 50 is one way of proving many wrong, but more-so proving that when we have a dream, not much can stand in the way. Dream big, work out how to make it happen and do it. Simple really.

Available Australia wide in print on March 7th and digitally through the 2020 IOS app the same day. Hit up your local BMX source, newsagent or jump online to the 2020 webstore.

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