Liam Zingbergs says wear sunglasses

Seeing as Adelaide is in the house tonight, South Aus born and bred male model come hottest property in BMX right now Liam Zingbergs puts his marketability to work for the Gully Factories new shades that are obviously required for survival in the hot Arizona sun. We know the sun over there ain’t got nothing on the sun that beats down on the driest state (South Aus) on the driest continent (right here in Australia baby) and Liam eyes are harder than any Arizonian eyes could ever be, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that these glasses are cool. Mainly cause Liam wore em. Marketing 101 right there. Pretty stoked on the nonchalant style into a nose wheelie, Liam be killing it right now. Am I tripping or was there ever a time in BMX when sunglasses weren’t cool in BMX? I’m sure some old cat can spark up this debate again….

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