Road Warriors Redux!

Back in 2001 a tight crew of riders from all around the country came together to pull off what was one very special production. Road Warriors was a road trip from Brisbane to Adelaide hitting all the good spots and running a few comps along the way. All in the name of a hella good time and documenting it all for a VHS (don’t know what that is? Get searching!) production and extended story in issue 4 of 2020. At the time, web clips didn’t exist as the web was throttled by slow modems and archaic copper cabling (wait, the same cabling our current ‘government’ says will be fast in 2014 and beyond? F-tards….). So the dominant media was video via a tape on your TV screen. In my eyes, this was a turning point in Australian BMX. We were taking the reigns and not only living it how we wanted, but showcasing it from the the riders perspective to the riders of Australia and beyond. We had NTSC copies of the production selling in the USA and Japan. I’m so stoked to have been a part of this and it makes me even more excited to let you know that the complete production will now be available in the digital age as a bonus feature on the new That’s What’s Up DVD. Somehow I just rescued the original master from tape (thanks to John Young) and digitised it for your viewing pleasure. While the above teaser gives you an intro to the crew onboard, I’ve pulled the old coverage together that Steve Morrisey wrote for 2020 to give you some insight into the trip in the lead up to the DVD release. Please excuse the lores pics, thats all I could pull together from the archives of what feels like so long ago! Enjoy.
The first crew!

We had ten people, ten bikes, three comps, two vans and two weeks to do one of the biggest road trips ever to be planned in Australia plus it was all to be caught on film and video or at least that was the plan anyway.

The crew consisted of Mike Daly (organizer/skatepark shredder), Matt Holmes (co-organizer/rider/photographer), Chris Polack video (camera/photographer/street destroyer), Lindsay Brown (video camera/all around bike riding legend/ladies man), Shane Biffen (style contingent/Backwards trick king), Renald Mcqeen (quiet destroyer), Pete Majoinen (Canberra represent/motor mouth), Matt Fairbairn (rider/trash talker/crash expert), Lee Martin (solo shredder/partier), Kenny Raggett (shit talker/scrabble master/incredible rider), Rob Smith (skatepark ruler/shit talker 2/bald head) and Stephen Morrisey (video camera/photographer/ injured rider contingent). Also along for the ride was the legend Colin Winkelmann (US Pro/Beer connoisseur), sadly I must add a RIP for Colin. Gone way to young. Read up on the trip and the trailer is at the end if you missed it.

Colin wondering why he ain't driving....


We were to meet at Mike Daly’s house at 9am and leave soon after, so when we left his house closer to 11am it was not much of a surprise really. We had planned to drive straight through to Brisbane no stops but after a few hours and one hell of a long cut thanks to Mike we decided to ride Forster skatepark, everyone was keen to ride and the weather & park were good so everyone was ripping. It was Chris’s birthday and maybe he hadn’t been a good boy this year cause all he got from trying to launch out of the bowl and feebleing the ledge was a snapped peddle and a crash, and on second attempt just a hard slam on the concrete, some birthday present! We ended up there till dark, so we loaded up and continued to drive on, with the only other stop, dinner, in which we all sat out front of Eagle Boys watching a video on the TV in the back of the PlanetX van??? Yes, TV. We didn’t rock up at Mark Schnider’s house till 3am where we all found our make shift beds (ed note: floor for some, van for others!) and slept.

Renald Bailing out of Wolfmans house


After a waking up to Chris running around filming Mark’s house we got moving and went to Beenleigh skatepark, it has had some improvements done to it recently but the wall ride was the only thing everyone rode, and much to Mike’s delight we didn’t stay there all day. From there we went to Mount Gravat sk8park, everyone was ripping especially Mike who was going warp speed and jumping a large hip. Chris, Shane and myself went to ride some banks in an underpass which had an electrical box in the middle of a gap so you could manual in between it which was pretty cool. Back at the park the crew was met by most of the Drainkids who have the place wired especially John Comino. When we got booted out of there we headed back to Marks house where he was having a party and we all continued to get a little loose.

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