Somethings Wrong!

“In memory of Michel ‘One Love’ Marie and Australian Democracy. R.I.P” Bringing the realness back into BMX is Nothing Wrong Zines second big budget, big time production featuring the raw underbelly of the BMX revolution. A solid collection of shredders from Melbourne and beyond taking their vision to the streets in protest against a government that is in short, straight up shite. If there was ever a time for riding the corporate worlds ledges and rails, it’s now. Their straight up disrespect of the individual in preference to profit, I think gives us free reign to voice our opinion, be it in protest or more likely a mach 10 smith grind on their precious marble ledges. Whatever your political opinion, Somethings Wrong has enough Pewl action in the mix to ease the brain and you can read up on some of the countries best deep ends in the extensive piece Senrab El Gerg penned, shot and artified up in the latest 2020.

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