2015 Colony Endeavour


It’s that time of year that the 2015 models start dropping on our shores. Colony is ahead of the pack and is already shipping 2015 models into shop around the country (and the world!). Their complete range is pretty damn large this year and as always, reflects whats going down in BMX with completes at both price point and specific use levels. Their first complete way back was the Endeavour, so it’s rad to see that it’s still the flagship model come 2015. With a 21 inch top tube and big bars, plus 13.25″ rear end matched with quick 75.2° head tube angle, it’s pretty much ready for all terrain. Massive tyre clearance up back is a great move as tires seem to be getting bigger by the week lately. A stack of Colony parts make this complete and rolling at the upper level of the complete market. Pretty stoked on the Bloody Red colour way, but it comes in a black and a ED purple model as well. Weighing in at just over 10 kilos thanks to it’s 100% fro-mo construction, it’s a complete made to ride hard.