Road Warriors available as a download now

If you’ve not seen our Thats Whats Up DVD, you have missed out on the best BMX DVD to drop in Australian history (Ha!), but even more importantly, the bonus feature Road Warriors. So we figured why not put it up on the 2020 store? See, back in 2001 a tight crew of riders from all around the country came together to pull off what was one very special production. Road Warriors was a road trip from Brisbane to Adelaide hitting all the good spots and running a few comps along the way. All in the name of a hella good time and documenting it all for a VHS (don’t know what that is? Get searching!) production and extended story in issue 4 of 2020. At the time, web clips didn’t exist as the web was throttled by slow modems and archaic copper cabling (wait, the same cabling our current ‘government’ says will be fast in 2014 and beyond?). So the dominant media was video via a tape on your TV screen. In my eyes, this was a turning point in Australian BMX. We were taking the reigns and not only living it how we wanted, but showcasing it from the the riders perspective to the riders of Australia and beyond. Along with a massive run of VHS tapes in Australia, we had NTSC copies of the production selling in the USA and Japan. We’re so stoked to have been a part of this and it makes me even more excited to let you know that the complete production is now also available as a digital download, right here for a measly $1.99. Somehow we just rescued the original master from tape and digitised it for your viewing pleasure. Maybe we sell enough to fund Road Warriors 2014….?

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