That’s What’s Up is out now!

Need more inspiration to get our new production? Troy just dropped a new trailer for That’s What’s Up, which is the second collaboration between Troy Charlesworth and us here at 2020. Showcasing just how solid the Australian scene is here right now, especially beyond the usual stereotype of event riders that world know so well. Featuring over 60 Australian riders plus full sections from Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski and Mike Vockenson it brings some heavy hitting riding that will more than open a few eyes to the depth of talent residing on these shores.
If you had the pleasure of making it to the premiere of the flick at one hell of a bling hotel, you’ll know the intensity and blazing riding that makes it’s way into the shiny little disc. Troy put so much into tho production, as did all of the riders involved, it makes me so stoked to be able to be a part of capturing the raw talent that is the Australian scene. A place where the majority of riders do it for the love, for the good times and the friendships that BMX brings.
Alongside the feature, we’ve packed the disc with 30 minutes of extra raw footage, our House of Hammers event coverage and our 2001 video release Road Warriors, a full length film documenting our trip from Brisbane to Adelaide with some of the countries best riders (back then!). The DVD goes on sale this week Australia wide through your local, legit BMX source and newsagents for $9.95. It should be hanging out where 2020 sits on the shelf, if your newsagent doesn’t have it, ask ’em to order it through Network Direct Distribution. A HD digital download is available for $4.99 though the 2020 webstore right now and you can also order the DVD thru the webstore. There’s free postage for orders within Australia! Support independent Australian BMX productions, don’t pirate it and maybe we’ll be seeing more crew putting their heart and soul into documenting this thing we love known as BMX. Want an insight into what it takes to pull a full production together? You can read up on the making of the film that Alex Liiv pulled together a few issues back here.

Thats whats up is the second collaboration from Troy Charlesworth and us here at 2020. After the great success of Everyday is a Saturday Troy has gone out to not only over shadow the last production but capture the Australian talent and show the rest of the world, thats whats up. Troy and crew have been traveling all over our great country and the world to bring you the biggest, burliest and craziest moves from coast to coast. We asked Troy and some of the crew involved a few questions about the experience and insight from this avant garde project. Read on and get yourselfThats whats up” later this year…

Troy Charlesworth Troy getting his Koala on. Shot by Ben McPherson

When did you did start filming for this video?
I have been going around Australia on cheeky trips filming with different crews for around two years now. Filming for the DVD started off soo crazy I can’t really remember the first clip or trip I got for it. But my first real memory was when we started hiring these big generators and lighting spots up, the footy we were getting on them missions are some of the best clips in the DVD.

What clips or sections are you looking forward to seeing in the video and think other people will be psyched on?
My favourtie part right now would have to be the West Coast part. I still got to get back there and film a little more and haven’t even picked a song for it yet but that week in Perth was one of the best trips ever, everyone was keen to film and the footage is West Coast deadly.

What set backs did you encounter along the way?
We haven’t had any crazy injuries while filming that I can really think of, we have had a few deadly crashes, Samsons got pwned a few times, but nothing to call 000 over. Vockos spine is alittle dislodged at the moment cause he thinks it’s safe to drop off dream world watersides to flat. Ammon had a little missfortune after 360ing a 17 set, as he landed his bars flew off but he was lucky to get out of it with a beautiful back slide

Who did you film with in the video?
I’ve filmed with Ammon Chesworth, Anton Aryes, Mick Bayzand, Brock Olive, Callen Stibbards, Calvin Kosovich, Chris courtnay, Chris Whyte, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Jamoson, Danger, Dave Dillewaard, Dylan White, Luke Gorecki, Flagz, Jack Elkins, Jamie Mauri, Jay Wilson, Jerry Vandervalk, JP Chilie, Jye Stewart, Nick Kajewski, Kym Grosser, Liam Zingbergs, Matt Macallum, Matthew Bell, Michael Vockenson, Ryan Llyod, Samson Ross, Shane Batchlor, Tom Stretton, Yonny Wakefield and Zac Minor. There’s still a bunch of people I would like to film with, like Marnold, Daniel Johnson, Codie Ryan, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Lachy Swanton, Jack Birtles, Tom Dunn, Liam Thomas and the Canberra guys. I also want to film with the Anchor crew but don’t really know them that well, I could go on for ever here….

Where did you travel to film for the video?
The usual city’s like Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth. I was lucky enough to score a free trip to China with Zingbergs to film some stuff over there with him, but we only had like two days to go ride street. Still got some cool stuff, I’m off to the states in October to meet up and film with Corey Bohan and Dave Dillewaard (ding) that’s about it, we plan on ditching the plane trips to hit the road into them bush rails soon.

Any interesting filming scenarios or missions?
We have been on the night time program lately, it will be like 2am in the morning and we out there all excited, I think it gives a whole different feel to the riding and filming and the crews get pumped. I like when everyone’s pumped, it’s very productive, hopefully do a lot more before the DVD is out.

What’s the name all about “thats whats up”? what does it mean?
I’ve been hearing it a lot, different crews chuck it around and I picked up on it. The meaning in the Urban G Dictionary tells me it’s something that’s cool or giving someone credit for doing something good. I think the DVD will be pretty cool and everyone that’s in it has done something cool and it’s an Australian DVD sooo… thats whats up. I think the name will grow on people cause I was going to change it myself then that name got printed so I just ran with it and now I’m pumped on it.

Anything you want to spoil for us now to get some hype in about the vid?
Lad here with the pushy does crusty demon gaps. Bruva doesn’t even have a motor on it just pedals down the roll in.

What sound track have you got lines up for the video?
Michael Vockosons part is the only song that has been 100% locked in. I’m on the search still thinking there will be a lot of old fun songs with a hip hop song for Zingbergs cause he’s a G.

What else do you need to get done to finish this video up? When should it be coming out?
It’s still a while away, but by the start of summer. There’s more people I would like to film with for the east coast even if it’s just one or two clips, it’s all I really want to get as many people in this as I can. It’s all happening.

Any last words or thank yous?
I would like to thank Matt and Mike from 2020, they have been the best to work with and I appreciate everything they have done for me over the years. Thanks to everyone who’s been filming with me for the east coast and west coast parts, big thanks to Vocko. People may take his blog the wrong way but he has been a massive help with this DVD and is the nicest person ever. He’s like the dad that takes us to spots and makes a lot of this happen there needs to be more Vockos in the world cause that would be deadly. Nick K, Jerry V, Liam Z, thanks heaps for going in on this with the full parts and I can’t wait to get to the premier with everyone and cause a ruckus. Calvin Kosovich, your help over west was beautiful anyone’s house I stayed at thank you so much. Big thanks to my family for supporting me and everyone that supports Australian BMX.

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