The art of the Selfie versus Norm

The art of the selfie? Can I even use that intro? Mitch Morison will lynch me for that, but let me get to the point. This edit is self filmed, a process that takes a whole lot of thinking to get done. Not only concentrating on nailing bullshit good lines, but getting a shot from a recording device whilst said banger is going on. It adds a whole new level of commitment to riding. Partly as you’re by yourself firing out riding that could see you KO’d and lying around on your lonesome in some drain and partly s you gotta keep in mind where your camera is and one eye needs to be on it so some shady cat doesn’t do the run with it. Then there’s the lack of bros to do high fives with… Norm however, is one of the few who has pulled it off, and while his description may include ‘pretty dodgy’, the riding is straight up epic on all sorts of street terrain from rails to tables and stairs, forwards and backwards. He doesn’t shirk on pedalling either… Easily one of my favourite edits of 2014 for it’s rawness and pure simplicity, I’d call it shoulda been a DVD section!

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