Andy Buckworth takes the win at Dew Tour!

Andy Buckworth has finally done it. The weekends Dew Tour Park event was looking nuts going on the qualifying highlights with so many contenders for the top spot. At any given time though, you might have called that the now veteran Ryan Nyquist had it in the bag with some hella big lines, seriously big. Come the finals, Ryan nailed his run and held the top spot for so long against a bg time list of the best of todays riders, well, that was until Andy dropped in and upped the anté so much. I don’t even understand where you need to get to in your head to think about multiple double flip lines, no handed in one instance and over a pretty normal sized spine at the end of his run. Damn….. Not that double flips won it for him, he rode fast and got busy all over the course. Hella props to Andy for the hard yards, commitment and unfaltering drive to take him to the numero uno spot at Dew Tour stop number 1. Peep the highlights, it’s straight up nuts…..

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