Dak over everything down here…

Cliche’d titles and B-roll shots aside, this edit is the most dialled you’ll watch this week, big call being Tuesday, but screw it, this is rad. Dakota Roche got his undercover styles on in a relatively big way and hit up the west coast’s best spots recently. So many big moves it ain’t funny on some spots that you’ll know and a fair few that you won’t. Which is good as it’s a real easy move to come to Aus and film at every spot that has already been done to death. But then it is Dak hitting em, so you know the old spots are getting looked at in a completely new light and the new spots are now kinda shut down until someone brings bigger forearms to the table. Pretty sure this is a subliminal edit for a new Dak Vans colour way, but I might be dreaming?

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