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I’ve been meaning to let you know whats cooking here at 2020 HQ. With a few rumours and misquotes floating around, it’s definitely time to set the record straight.

Coming back into the 2020 world at full steam earlier this year, I had two big projects I wanted to finish. Two projects that mid last year, I thought may never see the light of day, that said, I was dubious I would. These being issue 50 of the magazine and our new DVD with Troy Charlesworth ‘Thats Whats Up’. While I was meant to be recovering from two surgeries plus chemo and radiotherapy, I put my head down and got them done, both of which I’m more than stoked on the result. Of course, I couldn’t have made it all a reality without the hard yards of Phil Townsley, Mike Daly, Will Herrmann, Alex Liiv, Mitch Morison and Troy Charlesworth, along with all the contributors who made those pages and DVD a reality. You know, in some ways, me battling to get those projects done went alongside my treatment. If I could make magazines and a DVD I could make it through treatment and vice versa. Aside two killer productions, the best news is that a year on from finding out I had a stage 4 cancer, it looks like I’m clear for the next few months.

So now, with a few weeks of space to clear my head after getting the nod to live a normal life free from the medical system and the shadow of cancer, I’ve been able to take stock of where I stand with this little creation that began back in 1998 and make a decision on the future of the magazine. This is partly thanks to my roller coaster on the health front over the last year and partly due to the changing nature of media (here in Australia and around the world) come 2014.

Issue 50 will be the final quarterly mag as you know it. I’m aiming to pull together a more book-like mag creation on an annual basis, stay tuned for the news on a date, though it will be dependent on my staying clear of hospitals and getting my world back together. But that is far from the final step for the 2020 media house.

2020bmxmag.com.au will continue to flow the best in Australian content to it’s ever growing reader base. It’s monthly reach far beyond what I ever envisaged and I’m stoked to be learning to communicate through online publishing just like I did in print. And just as 2020bmxmagazine took on the overseas magazines and dwarfed them in sales over the last decade, my aim is to take on the overseas websites and drive Australian riders to an Australian site to ensure our scene is represented in a legitimate way and supports both the riders and the industry. Not pointing them to offshore sites full of international mail order ads and highlighting the talent we have locally is paramount.

The web site as you know it will be undergoing a redesign over the Winter/Spring months to facilitate more feature content and will become 100% responsive, meaning great interactivity, whatever the screen size it’s viewed on. At present, we sit at around 40% of our traffic being on IOS or Android devices and this number is only going to increase as we all take our content with us on mobile devices.

So yes, the rumours are true, there are some big changes in store for 2020. While part of me is gutted to let the printed pages of 2020 cease to come out on a regular basis, it’s opening up doors (not to mention time and space) to new projects be it digital (ala Thats Whats Up) or events. Lets just say there’s a few ideas that have been held back too long that I’m itching to get done.

It’s been an incredible ride since issue 1 and one that I’m so proud to have been able to take the whole way to the here and now. The people and places that make Australian BMX what it is inspire me everyday and for that reason alone, 2020 will continue to push to motivate the riders of our country and beyond. To everyone (and that is some amazing people to say the least) that has been a part of the mag, contributed, read or just been stoked on it’s vibe, the thanks I have for your being part of a little dream I once had are massive.

It’s a tough call. The magazine I started became the voice of BMX on these shores. And that in itself is something that I can look back on and know made a tiny difference to what we have now. I hope you’ll be along for the ride as we take our next steps.

Matt Holmes

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