Brock Olive and Josh De Reus plus some Premium dudes in Montreal

Brock Olive is becoming what you could call ‘f’n amazing’ on two wheels. Any doubters can hit play and watch him shut a few Montreal spots right down alongside Josh De Reus, Chad Kerley and Connor Lodes . This combo of riders is representing just how hard the streets are calling right now and Premium have got to be stoked to be rolling with a crew this deep. So many big lines, so many bangers, it’s a watch some, go ‘WTF’, slide the scrub bar back to watch a line again, have youtube spaz out, reload and watch it all again. Then repeat. A lot… The last twelve months has really been putting Australian street riders on the world map and this edit is no exception with Brock and Josh holding their own and owning some up with the best in the world. I know web clips are the media of our times, but damn, edits and riding like this needs to be made more permanent than a one time watch. Unless Premium are holding all their cards close and are dropping a DVD/Download soon?

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