Friday flashback: Alex Liiv, Surfin for the Ugly Broads

Man, when Bone Deths ‘Surfin for the Ugly Broads’ dropped, BMX regained a massive chunk of it’s punk rock roots that I felt may have been a little bit lost in the era of energy drinks and corporate competitions. It was like a main line injection of pure, balls out riding for the masses, or at least those a little jaded at some parts of the then BMX scene. Leading the Bone Deth charge on these shores was international man of mystery, card shark, illusionist and 2020 designer Alex Liiv, his section brought with it so many ‘WTF’ moments and the odd flinch at true to the cause bone death moments. The 2020 studio is a quieter place without this wild cat working on magazine spreads with us. All I can say is thanks to Alex for the epic work on the mag and for this section that will stay current till the end of time. Keep stepping shit up!

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