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Industry.au: Haro and John Buultjens

John with his latest creation at the 2015 Haro launch in Melbourne

Slowly but surely, the first brand in freestyle BMX; Haro is coming under more and more influence from an Australian rider. Well maybe he’s Scottish and may possibly be a US citizen now, but we’ll let that slide as he spent his fair share of time living here! Let us introduce you to the one and only John Buultjens. Easily one of the most dedicated and hardest working (plus riding) dudes you’re ever likely to meet in this little world we know as BMX. His move to the US to work with Haro was a definite loss to the Australian scene, but a huge addition to one of the most iconic brands BMX will ever know. We hit him up for a little insight into what it is he does in Vista, California.

So John, the 2015 range of Haro’s just dropped and your influence has been massive. Especially with the vintage range of Freestylers and the Dominguez bike which are looking amazing. For those that don’t know you, whats your position with Haro and what does the job entail? 

My title is Brand Manager. I over see everything Haro BMX. My main role is the future and vision for Haro, with our product and team. I’m lucky to have Colin Mackay as Team Manager, Colin looks after the team and runs everything by me, we’re a good team together. In house I have a product team who help bring my dreams to reality. I have all these crazy thoughts and ideas, the team help me execute them.

Considering your massive love for Haro bikes and the amazing collection of Haro’s you have personally, this must be a little bit of a dream job. Is it all you thought it would be? Or just hard work like the rest of us have to do!

For sure this is my dream job, most people who know me know this is what I have been building my career on. But there is a lot of work to do. Haro was the leader of product innovation with Bob Haro back in the 80’s and I feel we lost our way in the 90’s. It’s back and I am so proud to be a part of the new creation of Haro BMX. But to do this does take a lot of passion, determination and love for the brand, plus many long days and nights.

2015 Haro Masters, 26

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