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OK, so those vintage Freestylers and the Dominguez that have just landed in Australia, let us know a little bit about your push to make these happen?

The Mike Dominguez Sport means so much to me. I had this poster on my wall of Mike and Eddie Fiola when they visited Livingston, Scotland back in 1984. I fell in love with the Haro Sport he was riding in the picture, I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined 30 years later I would be re-creating that bike. As for the 24” and 24” Master’s, I wanted to create bikes that I knew the Mid 40’s guy wanted. I get so many emails from people now saying “Thank you, you just saved my two 84 Masters from being chopped up to make a cruiser”. Most of us in ’84 could not afford a Haro Freestyler and our parents wouldn’t buy us one, so when designing this bike I wanted to tug on that heart string once more. When you sit on a 24” or a 26” Retro Master, it bring’s you back in time to how it would have felt owning that back 30 years ago. I believe winning the parent over with these ridable retro bikes, will also influence there kids to ride Haro again.

Mike Dominguez 84 Sport tribute

While the new Freestylers may be running bigger wheels than back in the 80’s they remain faithful to their roots with so many details it’s not funny. Wanna let us know your favourite details/parts of the new bikes?

Wow, there are so much to mention. But one main thing I wanted to get across was, they needed to look the same but just blown up.
The dropouts, plates and gussets are all the same size and design as they where back in 84. I did however change the angle of the gusset due to the angle of the down tube changing as the bikes got bigger. I love that we managed to pull off the angles correctly, so from a distance you have to double check that it is a larger frame. My favourite parts have to be the custom Skyway Blue Flanges on the 24” and the ODI Mushroom II grips. Working with these guys in the U.S. was a privilege and a blessing.

2015 Haro Master 24" Skyway option!

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