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2014 haro SD_2

So beyond the vintage vibe, the 2015 bikes look dialled. Especially the top of the line Dennis Enarson complete. Whats the rundown on what that bike is all about?

The 2015 line is all about destinations “Where will your bike take you?” the message can also be translated to “Where will your passion take you in life?”. My passion for BMX took me to Australia and now Haro in California. So speaking of destinations, our final destination in the line is the SD (Dennis Enarson’s Signature bike). This bike is fully loaded with The SD V2 Frame, all new SD investment cast Heat Treated fork. Demolition Big Rig Bars, Demolition pedals and Markit/Demolition seat, plus so so so much more.

Beyond the top of the line rides, Haro remains dedicated to the youth with a full range of bikes for the kids yeah? Wanna run us through the idea behind the Downtown series?

The destinations line start with the “Downtown” This is your entry level bike for the Haro line which also come as a Deluxe model with the Nyquist setup (4 x Pegs, Front and rear Brakes. Moving up to the Boulevard with Internal headset and sealed mid BB. Then middle of the line is Midway, this model has to be my favorite. Next is the Plaza, full Cr-Mo complete bike with removable brake hardware.

You guys aren’t just cranking out completes either, I spied a whole range of after-market parts and accessories? Is this a move to bring Haro back to the forefront? 

The Lineage line was the first line of products that had my full influence on. But the name came from Dennis McCoy over lunch. We also have the new SD fork to go with Dennis’s SD V2 frame in matching colors. There a new line called 78 which will land later in the year. This is aimed at the amateur level rider. A lot of cast products and non heat treated parts. Plus we have the race series with our Carbon frame and Fork then our CliQ parts line.

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