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Industry.au: Haro and John Buultjens

With you and Colin Mackay beginning to run things over there, will we see more Australian riders in the mix with Haro?

We would love to see more Australian rider’s on the team, but that has to come from Haro Australia. We distribute to 77 countries and have 69 riders spread across those countries, so as you can imagine this would be extremely expensive if it was just Haro USA looking after everyone. At the moment we have Jason Watts and Chris Nicol, but for sure we want to see that expand.

I’ve got to ask, it could be my favourite old Haro, is there an replica 89 Bashguard Master in the works?

Matt, you know me only to well. The 89 Master was my favourite also. I am working on a timeline for all the retro bikes and sadly the bash guard bike will not come out for another five years.

Thanks for taking the time to let us now a little bit of what makes Haro tick!

Thanks 2020 for asking us to be apart of Australian BMX, after all Australia is my second home!

Check out the full deal at Haro.com and in case you hadn’t seen it, check John’s collection below….

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