logan and boyd at NASS

Loupos and Martin dominate NASS!

NASS is one of the big events over the European summer, and this year it saw a big crew if Australian riders not only in the mix, but all up in the finals and eventual podium. Chris Nicol, Jack Clark, Brandon Loupos, Logan Martin, Boyd Hilder and maybe a few more showcased just how deep the scene here runs with world class riding on a world stage. 12000 pounds for the win? Damn, Logan must’ve been shouting everyone at the after party for his park win (thats two in a row at NASS for him) and third place in dirt! Brandon won dirt, and not content with that, rolled into 5th in park and Boyd Hilder dropped some big lines to end up in second place in park just to rub it in. Nice to see corked 1080 kid Jack Watts giving props to Thats Whats Up too…

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