Bike Check

2015 Colony Endeavour

2015 Colony Endeavour

It’s that time of year that the 2015 models start dropping on our shores. Colony is ahead of the pack and is already shipping 2015 models into shop around the country (and the world!). Their complete range is pretty damn large this year and as always, reflects whats going down in BMX with completes at both price point and specific.... Read more!
2015 United KL40 Expert

2015 United KL40 Expert

For 2015, United have refined their already dialled KL40 Expert, no major changes over last year, bar the trans gold finish which if can say so myself is epic. Far from an entry level bike, it’s dirt heritage shines through, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a bike ready for anything you can point it at.  A 21inch top.... Read more!

Zac Miner bike check

So, what does Zac Miner ride to throw himself down double set rails? Go in depth with Zac and his personal ride thanks to the crew at Colony. One dialled ride thats for sure.

Road bike party

So, a road bike edit on 2020. Times are a changing I hear you say. Well, all I can do is ignore any hassling that comes my way, sit back and watch three pretty phenomenal riders get their road bike party on in a big way, all on a top end, $20,000 Colnago road bike. Skills are skills and these.... Read more!

2014 Academy Aspire Complete bike promo

Academy have just released their 2014 Aspire complete to the world with this sweet little edit. If you’re in the hunt for a budget priced blaster thats stacked to the nines parts wise, maybe check the full deal out here.

Bike Check with Kurt Yaeger

You’ll remember Kurt Yaeger and the Rudimental music vid documenting his story right? Prety damn motvating and moving al at the same time, his coming back from the loss of a limb to riding is nothing short of incredible. If you ain’t seen it, it’s here. Well he’s obviously now hooked up with Specialized and here’s a little insight int.... Read more!

Colony Premise 2014 promo

Colony be on it for 2014, I know it ain’t even her eyet, but their new completes are! Including the dialled new Premise complete. The edit is a quick runthrough of the goodness Clint and crew have packed it into this complete build alongside their stacked team dropping bombs on all sorts of terrain. Get the lowdown on the new.... Read more!

Volume Bikes 2014 District Complete Bike Promo

I like this a lot. Volume’s new 2014 District complete range of bikes dropped and instead of the usual part and spec focus in a clip, they got some of their stacked team together in the form of Broc Raiford, Alex Platt, Lil D, and Mike Mastroni to get clips on the bikes that you’ll find on the showroom floor..... Read more!

Fit Bike Co 2014 range

It’s that time of year when all the new ranges start dropping. First off the ranks this week is 2014 completes from Fit who have arguably one of the most stacked ranges and teams out there.The edit is a sweet behind the scenes look at the shoot Jeff Z did for the Fit crew. Dig the vibe? Then check em.... Read more!

Chance Brejnakowski Total Bmx Bike preview

Chance Brejnakowski is a perfect fit for Total BMX, and this little preview of his new Hangover frame build proves it. His riding is simply off the charts, I question how half of his moves are done brakeless. I also am of the opinion that Total BMX need to do an Aus flag saddle…. Greg Phillips be getting dialled on.... Read more!