Edit of the week!


Summer of Colony Road Trip

It’s been a while since I’ve been posting. Life moves in crazy ways. Hopefully some time to spark up this little site starts now. Seriously can’t think of a better way to kick it off than this blazing edit from Colony’s recent east coast tour entitled Summer of Colony. Nine days on the road around Brisbane then down the coast.... Read more!

Doomsday For The Deceiver: Mike Vockenson

Mike Vockenson ain’t no stranger to putting in work for his trusted supporters. And none more so than Australian born and bred Tempered Bikes, who’s presence in this scene is a subject very close to Mr V’s heart. Filmed throughout the last year and a bit, this is part 2 of 3 for TMPRDs ‘Doomsday For The Deceiver’ project shot using.... Read more!

Mike Vockenson for LuxBMX

After blowing minds around the world in That’s What’s Up for his balls to the wall riding off, on and over everything in his path, Vocko has left a legacy of step the fuck up to everyone who dares tread the street path on these shores and beyond. So while we’ll always know him as that dude who gapped onto.... Read more!

Dak over everything down here…

Cliche’d titles and B-roll shots aside, this edit is the most dialled you’ll watch this week, big call being Tuesday, but screw it, this is rad. Dakota Roche got his undercover styles on in a relatively big way and hit up the west coast’s best spots recently. So many big moves it ain’t funny on some spots that you’ll know.... Read more!

The art of the Selfie versus Norm

The art of the selfie? Can I even use that intro? Mitch Morison will lynch me for that, but let me get to the point. This edit is self filmed, a process that takes a whole lot of thinking to get done. Not only concentrating on nailing bullshit good lines, but getting a shot from a recording device whilst said.... Read more!

Jason Watts @ Woodward Edit

This is Beyond Amazing…  Jason Watts filmed a bunch of stuff over a week last year at Woodward west on his trip to the Usa. Trails, Bowls, Ramps, Tech, Style, Height….  is there anything this kid cant do.. there is a bunch of WTF!! moments in this so be prepared to watch it twice Coops Killed this edit as well.... Read more!

Blake Ind is pretty dang good

Fun fact, Blake Ind used to live in my hometown of Nowra. Even back in 2005 he was bullshit good. Everyone knew him for being able to bunny hop high, manual far, spin lots & extend the heck out of a turndown/lookback. I ran into him at the recent Amigo’s of Holmes jam whilst there & he told me he.... Read more!

Amigos Of Holmes Video

It was only this time last week I found my self back in friendly old Brisbane. I’m so glad I made the trip up to visit everyone & attend this jam too. Plus I got to meet Kevin Keefs Neil which has been a dream of mine since I was in like year 8. I got heaps of things I could say.... Read more!