Edit of the week!


Amigos Of Holmes Video

It was only this time last week I found my self back in friendly old Brisbane. I’m so glad I made the trip up to visit everyone & attend this jam too. Plus I got to meet Kevin Keefs Neil which has been a dream of mine since I was in like year 8. I got heaps of things I could say.... Read more!

The Return of Kevin Keefs Neil

Humbled is the word in play for me right now. The Amigos have pulled one of the biggest stunts in Australian BMX history, bringing the man, the myth, the legend; Kevin Keefs Neil back in front of the camera. And at the same time letting the cat out of the bag that I’ve been going through some shit with cancer..... Read more!

BSD hit Moscow!

BSD‘s team is stacked with Alex Donnachie, Mike Taylor, Dan Paley and Luc Legrand all big players in the world of the coolest shredders around. Add to the mix Adelaide’s Liam Zingbergs and well, shit just got really real. The latest ‘In the Streets’ series takes the team to Moscow to hit up undiscovered spots of amazing Russian architecture. easily.... Read more!

Beechy for Fit Bike Co…..

If there’s one rider in Australia that’s under rated more than anyone, it’s Beechy. Not that I figure he would give a f@ck. With more raw talent than most, a mind that reinterprets whats possible on a bike on any and all terrain, plus rocks straight up balls to pedal at stuff many wouldn’t even consider, the end result is.... Read more!

Anton Ayres for Division

Damn. Anton’s latest edit for Division is one of the best of the year! Backing up his Grumets section and assorted other edits he’s pumped out over the last year. SO many spots, so many x-up grinds and rail rides. Originality and determination goes a long way in BMX and life. While I’ll wax on about how f’n good this.... Read more!

Finally, the House of Hammers edit….

The premise was simple: build a street set up in a Sydney night club, invite the countries best riders, have a head to head comp and then party all night. Such a simple plan on paper. However if there was ever an event that was plagued by more issues than any ever before, then House of Hammers was it. As.... Read more!

Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham: The Story

Inspirational edit for the year right here. I met Aaron at Pro Park in Vegas in 2009. As with many people that first come into contact with him, I wondered what the fuck he was doing there, as Pro Park is big and has some gnarly transitions. All of which are usually covered with a light cover of sand to.... Read more!

Downlow apparel mixtape

Watching this I had a vision of the Perth crew involved in this edit singing the opening track, smooth dudes that they are on and off their bikes…. So amped on the Downlow edits, aside disco inspired music, they always put down major work and showcase so many spots in their quest to up the anté on the east coast.... Read more!

Fox BMX Pro at Rampfest

Last Friday night saw what can only be described as the most progressive (riding wise) event that has ever taken place on Australian shores. It’s been a long time coming, thats for sure! Bringing together 24 of the countries best park riders was always going to ensure the riding was next level, but what went down is so far beyond.... Read more!

Natalya Diehm 2013 Edit

Natalya Diehm is 15 and rides BMX. Come 2013, thats not that far out of the ordinary. Whats is out of the ordinary is the clip your about to watch and if you’re like me, you’ll be blown out by the skills she’s already possessing behind bars at 15. She’s not one for holding back when learning either, committed would.... Read more!