Edit of the week!


Young at Heart

Growing up in central New South Wales means there’s not the abundance of spots to ride, this either makes or breaks a rider very quickly in their BMX experience. Luckily, those it makes, usually make their mark on riding or their local scene in a big way. Young is one of these unassuming pockets, where the man on the street.... Read more!

Nike BMX take Baton Rouge

In the quest for now, un-filmed spots, Nike’s team of absolute street destroyers spent three days on the streets of Baton Rouge in what will be another internet classic. Why? Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Nigel Sylvester and Simone Barraco is why! On point edit from the master Ryan Navazio!

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

So, Danny Mackaskill is possibly the most skilled dude on two wheels right now (I know, it ain’t a 20, but bear with me), and his sponno Red Bull have a pretty unlimited budget, so when you get those two together and get them excited, things like this happen. Amazing stuff! 2020 contributor, Will Herrmann was part of the build.... Read more!

ACT Jam 2013

Back in 2000, I was driving home from a day at Ulladulla with Mike Daly and we were deep in conversation about how screwed it was that you couldn’t run a comp without insurance. So we figured why not have a jam and kinda hope for the best that no one gets hurt and play the card that it’s all.... Read more!

Hindsight 2: Kevin Keefs Neil

The long awaited Part 8 of our 2005 DVD Hindsight 2 may be the most controversial video part in Australian BMX history…. We introduce you to the living legend that is Kevin Keefs Neil. Prepare to be amazed…..

Premium Products NC Trip

OK, I made a call that Nike Batalla edit was clip of the week. Well, I was wrong. Premium just dropped one very rad edit. Bringing one killer team to North Carolina and filming some amazing spots with some serious cameras is a good starting point, and from there, this edit becomes something very special. Josh Harrington never fails to.... Read more!

Nike Batalla BCN

One month, a big shoe company pull out of BMX like it’s done, the next, another drops a hammer filled edit with some of the biggest names in street riding in the mecca for said dudes, Barcelona. Nike’s Batalla BCN is something special with Alex Kennedy, Simone Barraco, Kriss Kyle, Joris Coulomb, Daniel Tünte and Chad Kerley going head to.... Read more!

AFRAY 2013 Mixtape Volume 1

Talk about a dream team edit, on bothsides of the lens! Afray knows how to pull it all together with Jack Birtles on camera/edit, John Young on color and a motion graphics crew all making this so good. And then you’ve got the riders, Tom Stretton, Liam Zingbergs, Raph Jeorma-Williams, Mitchell Mcdonald, Benn Pigot and Kym Grosser all putting it.... Read more!

Jared Carter

There ain’t many who’ll ever get to ride the masterpiece of dirt construction that Jared and his crew have put together over the years. I wouldn’t even want to put an estimate on the huge amount of hours that have gone into sculpting the lines you’re about to watch. The best trails in Australia? You be the judge. Jared’s speed.... Read more!

Dylan Pfohl mixtape

Dylan Pfohl dropped some amazing clips over the last 12 months, so it got me psyched this morn to see a mixtape of his favourites from the year gone. Dude is definitely working with the best riders and this mix includes Anthony Napolitan, Mike Payne, Chris Hughes, Matt Cordova, Dustin Grice, Jaie Toohey, Shaun Butler, Kris Fox, Larry Edgar, Big.... Read more!