Edit of the week!


New Zealand by BMX….

Late last year, Paul Chamberlain and Billy Brooks started talking about a BMX tour of New Zealand. It had myself, Mitch Morison and anyone else lucky enough to hear the grand plan so stoked and planning on how to join them. While everyone else fell by the wayside, Paul and Billy got it together. Not even me showing Paul a.... Read more!

Dennis Enarson Haro SD V.2 Frame Promo

I think a better title would be The most banger edit of the year…. Enarson is so on another level. And it’s fitting Haro have a signature frame for him, kinda harks back to Hoffman and Mirra riding for Haro, as I dare say Dennis will be looked at in the same light as those guys very soon if not.... Read more!

Tom and Luke Bridges Super Slow Mo!

Allan Hardy has a vision for how he wants to shoot BMX, and this cut is one of the best edit’s we’ve seen in a long time. With the new Sony FS700 camera in hand, trail bro’s Tom and Luke Bridges showcase what BMX is all about in every one of the 400 frames per second. Definitely a new perspective..... Read more!

Robbie Maddison’s Air.Craft

OK, I know, this is moto, but holy crap, Robbie Maddison is killing it on two wheels in this suitably mega budget DC short film. One large as terrain park built from abandoned planes with the odd bit of art gets shredded. The ender is f’n nuts. So much bike control it ain’t funny. Oh yes. And a hell yes.... Read more!

Hey, yer good thanks!

James Fox just hit us up with his latest edit or mini flick which has some big time riding going down in it from the assembled cast and crew. It’s got a real nice flow too, even at over 9 mins long. Some serious work going in to it from James and all the riders featured. Some big names and.... Read more!