Group text messages frustrate me beyond belief; they really do seem like a productive idea at the time, but when your mates are a bunch of delinquents, the chime of an incoming text for the four thousandth time that day really starts to scratch at your nerves. However this particular Wednesday, Drew sent out a text simply asking if we.... Read more!

Fox BMX does Melbourne!

Fox have upped the anté here in Australia as of late, expanding their team in a big way along with getting behind events. Their presence at the BMX Pro event that ran as part of the annual Moomba festivities definitely brought a new level of riding to Riverside with Luke Parker blazing the hell out of the park and taking.... Read more!

Clint Millar and the Prody x Colony frame

Clint Millar is one busy dude. Not only running his own brands and taking on the world, he’s still riding at 100% and killing it, something that he’s done for as long as I can remember. Early comps I ventured to at Beenleigh saw him running a locally built platform sporting frame under the name Prody. Come 2014, he’s rebirthed.... Read more!

The making of the end of Thats Whats Up

Our latest DVD That’s What’s Up has been getting some amazing feedback. And for good reason, the level of riding from all involved is really putting Australia on the world stage outside of the transition and event riders the world already knows so well. Of course, the end section of a DVD is always occupied by the rider who put.... Read more!

That’s What’s Up is out now!

Need more inspiration to get our new production? Troy just dropped a new trailer for That’s What’s Up, which is the second collaboration between Troy Charlesworth and us here at 2020. Showcasing just how solid the Australian scene is here right now, especially beyond the usual stereotype of event riders that world know so well. Featuring over 60 Australian riders.... Read more!

2020 makes it to 50!

A one off mag back in 1998 has continued to roll out of the collective heads of so many talented people and off the printing press 50 times. I’m quietly amazed, definitely very proud and seriously stoked to have been able to put so much back into something that has given me so much over the years. Looking back through.... Read more!

The 10 best Australian Web edits of 2013

2013 was a massive year, especially for Australian BMX. Over the 12 months that was, the level of edits coming our way from local crew was ridiculous. So much so that we figured why not celebrate with our list of the best edits of the year just gone. Think of it as a way to recognise the talent and vision.... Read more!

Down In The Woods

Another day, another energy edit on the blog, this time featuring the Dudes over at the trails in NZ. I had the pleasure of riding with these guys and some choice Aussies over in PA for a few amazing months. I remembered that on my computer I had some photos and video from the trip, here it is made into.... Read more!

Industry.au: Input BMX

If anything has taken me by surprise over the last years, it’s been the rise of new companies making their own product here in Australia. The latest player in the home grown industry is Input BMX. Based out of Melbourne their products have been popping up all over the place and for good reason, it’s quality gear. And thats the.... Read more!