Octoberfest edit and photo gallery

Trails take work. Lots of work. To ride them well and even moreso to keep them riding well. Adelaide’s City Dirt is no different, but are a little bit of an anomaly in the trail scene in that they are public trails, and are maintained thanks to Adelaide City Council and a small group of dedicated riders intent on keeping.... Read more!

Behind the Scenes: Zac Miner and the Back Bone BMX ad

If you check the big overseas websites, you’ll often see that they post the latest print ads featured in mags they ain’t even affiliated with, kinda weird, but in this day and age of ‘more content wins’ thats how it goes I guess. Almost makes me think we should post new web gif’s that drop on every site world wide,.... Read more!

Issue 49 coming your way!

Issue 49 of 2020bmxmag is finally done and back from the printers. Jason Watts takes the cover, blasting the MARKIT backyard ramps during his recent US trip thanks to the camera work of Colin Mackay. Who incedentally may be the first rider to have have both ridden on and shot on a cover? He also went to the same school.... Read more!

Finally, the House of Hammers edit….

The premise was simple: build a street set up in a Sydney night club, invite the countries best riders, have a head to head comp and then party all night. Such a simple plan on paper. However if there was ever an event that was plagued by more issues than any ever before, then House of Hammers was it. As.... Read more!

Making the DVD: Thats Whats up

Thats whats up is the second collaboration from Troy Charlseworth and us here at 2020. After the great success of Everyday is a Saturday Troy has gone out to not only over shadow the last production but capture the Australian talent and show the rest of the world, thats whats up. Troy and crew have been traveling all over our.... Read more!

Web Bits: The best of the web with Mike Vockenson

Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of web clips dropping these days? Don’t sweat it, Mike Vockenson of Crispy fame has been making life easy for us all and curating the best 10 edits from the last months. We’ve been running this in the pages of 2020bmxmag, but figured being as that the web is where you can watch em with.... Read more!

Every Picture Tells a Story #1: Ryan Dawson

EPTAS is a little project we’ve been talking about for more than a while now that will become a semi regular feature on the site. Basically the idea being that the print version of 2020 runs some of the best photos you’ll see of BMX anywhere on the planet, and while they’ve got their caption and their amazing vibe on.... Read more!

Fox BMX Pro at Rampfest

Last Friday night saw what can only be described as the most progressive (riding wise) event that has ever taken place on Australian shores. It’s been a long time coming, thats for sure! Bringing together 24 of the countries best park riders was always going to ensure the riding was next level, but what went down is so far beyond.... Read more!

Young at Heart

Growing up in central New South Wales means there’s not the abundance of spots to ride, this either makes or breaks a rider very quickly in their BMX experience. Luckily, those it makes, usually make their mark on riding or their local scene in a big way. Young is one of these unassuming pockets, where the man on the street.... Read more!

2020 issue 48 out this week!

We’ve been hard at work over the last month pulling together what is possibly our favourite issue of 2020 to date. It’s kinda special, in that it had a lot of help pulling it together and the resulting collection of images, words, design and love that has made it onto the pages is something we’re more than a little proud.... Read more!