Grumets Crew: The Right Fluke DVD

The Right Fluke is easily the most hard hitting DVD to drop in Australia this year and we were blown out to see the Grumets crew up nearly the whole DVD up onto the web over the last two weeks. While we could have dropped em all one by one onto our site, we figured why not just wait till.... Read more!

Park Etiquette

Back in issue five of 2020 we ran a feature that generated a lot of hype, both from riders and skaters alike. It spelt out the rules of riding a park. And more than that, how, as a rider, make sure you would always be able to utilize what usually is a facility built for skaters. We reprinted the majority.... Read more!

How to: Get sponsored

Kyle Baldock’s riding speaks for itself, but his respect and work ethic for his sponsors speaks louder. Seems nowadays, getting on the flow tip with a big sponsorship is becoming a big driving force behind the riding dream for more than a few up and coming riders. Fuelled with images of bling, cars, endless energy drinks and money thanks to.... Read more!

Kyle Baldock: Life Is Golden

Kyle Baldock stamped his name in X Games folklore history over the weekend in Foz Do Iguaçu, Brazil, by becoming one of the few athletes ever to win two gold medals at the prestigious world-series action sports event. On his return to Aussie shores Unit BMX’s Athlete and media guru Goba sat down with the new X Games Dirt and.... Read more!

Fit Bondi behind the scenes

Fit’s Australian team have been producing some serious content over the last couple of years since Andre Regli took the reigns. So as a little way to say thanks to the team, get everyone together and produce even more content, a week at the infamous Bondi Beach was planned. And unlike most trips, riding wasn’t the priority. Instead, good times.... Read more!

Creatives: Ben McPherson

I’ve known Ben for quite a few years now. More than five, less than ten, if I had to put a number on it. He’s always been this dude with boundless energy, heaps of ideas and a natural knack for making things look good. Making them look right. Over those years, he’s been the driving force behind a few really.... Read more!

The Mike Vockenson Interview

I’ve known of Vocko for many years, but it was around the time that he launched Crispy Stream that I really took some notice. At the time, most blogs on the internet were pretty serious, and usually only involved themselves posting strictly riding related edits and photos. So to come across an Australian blog posting a mix of bikes, party,.... Read more!

Life After BMX: Liam Fahy-Hampton

Liam Fahy-Hampton. Where do I start. Let’s go back to a time where Focalpoint was still a black and white, photocopied and stapled together ‘zine. I’d seen bits of pieces of Liam in FP coverage, but not that much. Then his interview in Rebelyell dropped, which was kinda amazing really. There’s this dude rocking a Shitluck t-shirt riding chainless doing.... Read more!

Corey Bohan returns home

2013 is set to be Corey Bohan’s biggest in years. Not only is he staring down the barrel of defending his BMX Dirt crown, an event that’s making its return to the big stage after a five year hiatus, he’s also about to start filming the second series of his ‘Wizard Of Oz’ TV show that follows the lifestyle and.... Read more!

Andre Regli: The Interview

Andre Regli. Where to start. As well as working on 2020’s web stuff, I run this brand called Dishonour. Back when it was starting out, maybe five years back, Dre bought a t-shirt off me using Myspace as a conduit. And he said he was starting a store in his town, and he wanted to stock Dishonour. I didn’t know.... Read more!