This ain’t the olympics

Mitch Morison journeyed south of the border to roll with the Fit Australian team, his job? To document what went down. Here’s his take on what happened in words and a few pictures…. As seen in issue 44 or 2020. (more…)

Kyle Baldock in super slow motion

You gotta dig the scale of this clip… Filmed at 1000fps with the $250,000 Phantom Flex camera in the Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, this shoot combines one of the world’s most talented and driven BMX riders, Kyle Baldock, throwing down a handful of incredible next level tricks to give an all new perspective of BMX. Cash rules.... Read more!

Red Bull Roast it

Mike Davies ventured down to the recent Queenstown trails gig hosted by Red Bull, and by al accounts, it rocked. While we’re sure you’ve seen the clips, here’s an extended photo gallery to get your trail fever burning.

Kyle Baldock

For this 20 year old from Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast the last year may have been one of the biggest of his life. And while you see all the hallmarks of the current genre of big trick throwing riders, Kyle has a balanced and well, very mature head on his shoulders. (more…)