Know your history

Know your history

It’s crazy to think that in the year 2020, freestyle BMX will be in the Olympics. A past time born in the back streets of California back in the mid 70’s, which grew around the world as a way to escape the bullshit of team sports and associated mentalities is now ‘owned’ by a ‘governing body’ the UCI. An organisation.... Read more!

Road Fools 1 Behind the scenes

If there was ever a video that redefined BMX and road trips, this was it. It definitely inspired us to get Road Warriors off the ground! Here’s avery dialled catch up with all the cast and crew who made Road Fools 1 such a beast of a video, the tales and insights are so worth watching. Pretty cool to know.... Read more!

Friday Old school Movies: Curb Dogs

1986, yes BMX existed back then, in fact it was going off, bigger than it is today. Curb Dogs was something pretty special back then as it was outside the usual team video’s style and gave a little insight into the freestyle lifestyle shared by both riders and skaters. Yes, solidarity! The team of predominately San Fran crew included the.... Read more!

Haro Legacy

This is pretty cool. Bringing the past together with the present like no one else can is Haro. When you start this thing called freestyle, or doing tricks on bikes, you get to do this! Past and present Haro team members (or legends if you like) recreate the intro scene for a classic 80’s Haro video. Hoffman, Wilkerson, Blyther, Dominguez.... Read more!

Hindsight 2: Kevin Keefs Neil

The long awaited Part 8 of our 2005 DVD Hindsight 2 may be the most controversial video part in Australian BMX history…. We introduce you to the living legend that is Kevin Keefs Neil. Prepare to be amazed…..

Digging dirt and doing pannies

South Australia has had trails running deep in it’s BMX history with some amazing spots coming from the driest state on the driest continent. Dingly Dell, Gawler and Woodcroft to name a few spots that made more than a few riders gnarly dirt legends. If you were riding in Radelaide back then, you rode whatever you could as there was.... Read more!

Friday Old school: Props Best of 1999

1999… So the world was going to end, one Microsoft powered pc at a time come the end of this year. 2020 issue 3 was almost completely lost in a power surge and any of us old enough to remember were listening to a certain Prince song in preparation for an over hyped New Years eve celebration. Luckily for us,.... Read more!

Hal and Leigh’s excellent idea….

You remember 2B Homecooked garments, Play and Useless clothing companies don’t you? No wait, if you’re under 30, there’s a big possibility you dont. OK, so let me fill you in. Two very influential companies founded by very influential riders back in the early 90’s rocked some very excellent T’s and the like. Those two dudes were Hal Brindley and.... Read more!

Hindsight 2 Part 3

It’s Thursday so it’s Hindsight 2 time. We dropped this production in 2005 as a free DVD on the cover of 2020 BMX magazine issue 19, expanding the content within the pages. A mixtape of produced and reader content, the Hindsight series of DVD’s was a snapshot of Australian BMX back before the internet seemingly took over. Part 3 features.... Read more!

Hindsight: Chris Best outdated edit

Digging the new gen of crew getting busy and documenting their riding world, learning both the skills on a bike and with a lens. This local edit comes from Jack Paton and it features Queenslands Chris Best. A few hurdles make this footage a bit old, including the last year of school and glandular fever, but it’s good to see.... Read more!