Road Fools 1 Behind the scenes

If there was ever a video that redefined BMX and road trips, this was it. It definitely inspired us to get Road Warriors off the ground! Here’s avery dialled catch up with all the cast and crew who made Road Fools 1 such a beast of a video, the tales and insights are so worth watching. Pretty cool to know.... Read more!

JetPilot Hi-summer range edit

JPI be pushing hard with a truckload of new gear for your summer livin’ styles. And it’s all here in one easy to digest edit that features a couple of Logan Martin bangers…

The Affix rotor….

One of the few innovators in BMX come 2013 has to be KHE. Their determination to redesign the rotor/gyro system has been nothing short of incredible. While early developments came at a time when brakes were coming off, and a simple aesthetic to frames was becoming paramount, their large internal system copped a lot of flack. Come 2013 the Affix.... Read more!

2014 Colony parts catalogue

Colony just released their 2014 parts catalogue online. Packed full of an ever expanding range of gear thats Australian designed and looking dialled. So digging Mick Bayzands gold Teddy frame. Lots of bling parts and some real sweet photos to make the deal complete. Check it out.

Behind the Scenes: Zac Miner and the Back Bone BMX ad

If you check the big overseas websites, you’ll often see that they post the latest print ads featured in mags they ain’t even affiliated with, kinda weird, but in this day and age of ‘more content wins’ thats how it goes I guess. Almost makes me think we should post new web gif’s that drop on every site world wide,.... Read more!

Haro Legacy

This is pretty cool. Bringing the past together with the present like no one else can is Haro. When you start this thing called freestyle, or doing tricks on bikes, you get to do this! Past and present Haro team members (or legends if you like) recreate the intro scene for a classic 80’s Haro video. Hoffman, Wilkerson, Blyther, Dominguez.... Read more!

Vale BMX have moved

ValeBMX has just moved into their new home inside the GC Compound in Upper Coomera. If you were going to move, we think that is one hell of a good choice. Firstly, it makes sense as theres guaranteed people at a park riding, and secondly, lunch breaks would rule. Thinking 2020 may need to move now….. Back to reality, its.... Read more!

Etnies x United Giveaway

Etnies and United have collaborated on one very sweet ride, the 2014 United x Etnies Recruit. And for a limited time, when you buy any Etnies product from Hell on Wheels, Strictly BMX or Lux BMX, you’ll go in the running to win a bike. Pretty good deal right! The 2014 Recruit is dialled, and improving it from 2013 was.... Read more!

2020 issue 48 out this week!

We’ve been hard at work over the last month pulling together what is possibly our favourite issue of 2020 to date. It’s kinda special, in that it had a lot of help pulling it together and the resulting collection of images, words, design and love that has made it onto the pages is something we’re more than a little proud.... Read more!

Industry: Strictly BMX Store Manager Position

Strictly BMX are looking for a Full Time Bicycle Store Manager. If you’ve got the goods to run the largest and longest running BMX store in Australia and one of the largest in the world, they want to hear from you. Established in 1996 Strictly has grown consistently to the here and now, as well as BMX core brands they.... Read more!