Reinventing the gyro?

KHE’s Tomas Göring is one of the few innovators within BMX come 2013. He is one of the few within the BMX industry not scared of trying something new for fear of ridicule in todays incredibly homogenised world of BMX frames and parts. It’s to the point where I could name the factory where multiple companies frames and parts come.... Read more!

Haro Lineage promo with Pat Casey

Haro is so on it for 2013. The brand that started everything we know as freestyle is back to the cutting edge of BMX on so many levels. A lot of this can definitely be attributed to the incredibly passionate crew onboard with the brand. Both behind the scenes and on the bikes themselves. With the likes of Colin Mackay.... Read more!

Jourdan Barba: 10 Clips

It’s park edit Wednesday! Which is fine as thats all I’ve been able to ride lately! Colony BMX US represent Jourdan Barba just dropped this banger 10 clipper from the Hunt and Rialto parks. Seems the plaza parks in the States are getting better and better. Hopefully we’ll see more of that type in Australia over the coming years? Sweet.... Read more!

Cinema Team at Hollenbeck Skatepark

With one of the most progressive teams on the planet, Cinema are on it in 2013. Pull that said team of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Bruno Hoffmann, Dan Lacey and Dakota Roche together in one sweet as street plaza deep in LA and you’ve got the recipe for a big session. Real chilled vibe to this clip, however the riding.... Read more!

Bike Check: Ryan Lloyd

While I’m an outspoken critic of the bike check – you know the drill, stand in front of camera with bike and talk about bike parts – and will heap praise on anyone that dares make a bike check entertaining . Ryan broke his back recently, and he’s pretty much the nicest dude I know, so he gets a free.... Read more!

Downlow Tall Shadow Edit

Really, really dope edit from Calvin and the Downlow Crew. Enjoyed it immensely, dug the vibe and all night clip steeze. Yep real dope. Calvin’s banger is wild with a capital W, I, L and D.

G-People: Matthias Dandois

Matthias Dandois is on it in 2013. Travelling the world, getting hooked up big time with the likes of Red Bull, Haro and now G Shock. Being that he is an amazing rider and one good dude, it ain’t surprising. Not surprising either is that he has a little pice in the new 2020v47 that’ll be out next week, wait.... Read more!

The Set 2013 look book

The Set’s new range is looking tight. And their rider roster is dialled. You can check both those sentences for accuracy in the new flip book they just dropped right here.

Let Bohan Ride

This is kinda big news and I’m suprised I missed it last week. Winding the clock back to December, ESPN announced they’d be returning BMX Dirt to the X-Games lineup. If you’ve been sleeping, Dirt hasn’t been in the X-Games since ’06. Seven years between drinks is kinda a big deal. Personally, I think it’s nothing but a good thing..... Read more!

Brian Foster Bike Check

It would appear that Fit asked BF to do a bike check, and BF thought “Bike check edits suck!” And somehow, he made his not suck. This is rad. Maybe I’m biased, I love BF.