MMM Byron Roadtrip

MMM Byron Roadtrip

Not that it’s been a wet winter by any means around here, but winter can get you down a little. So what better way to bust the monotony with a road trip? To Byron Bay makes it even better, even if it does rain… Capturing the essence of riding and road trips, Adam Cox and the MMM crew. Time for.... Read more!
Colony Collective One

Colony Collective One

When you run a team as big as Colony does, it’s easy to forget just how rocking each and every member of said team is. Hence the seed was planted for a web project to showcase just that. Collective One is the first of hopefully many of these edits as this one is full of banging riding from the wide.... Read more!

ACT JAM 2014

Man, was it really fourteen years ago Mike Daly and myself decided that a new vibe was in need for Aus BMX events? A certain road trip to Ulladulla had us scheme up a weekend long event that had to dodge the usual insurance and approval issues and thus the jam was born. So stoked to se it blowing.... Read more!

Josh De Rues and Jono Hopping getting it done

The crew at have been pulling a few edits together lately and this one of two of NZ’s finest 20inch shredders is a keeper. Lots of solid moves and many of them slo-mo and crispy. Nice work to all involved.

Aaron Ross x Los Angeles

It’s been a while since we’ve seen some prime Aaron Ross footage. The wait is worth it with this finely crafted (filmed and cut) edit of Aaron rolling the streets of LA with some of his crew. All the sights that make me want to be there now. Prime spots, good times. Easily the tightest edit I’ve seen for sometime.... Read more!

Why I ride with Jye Hayward

Spotted this cool little piece that was a year 12 project for Wilfy, don’t know any more abut the maker than that… And damn, school seems a truckload cooler in 2014! Anyway, it’s a little interview come riding piece with South Australian FMX rider D’Arcy Morris and BMX rider Jye Hayward. Jye drops a big call for his being inspired.... Read more!

A month in Cali with Jack Kelly

A month in Cali… What would you do? I’d be hitting up Huntington Beach, Venice and Sunset strip in LA, bombing hills in San Fran and driving into the desert and up the coast road. Of course that’s me. By the looks, Jack Kelly decided to hit the most rails and ledges anyone from Australia has ever done, schooling the.... Read more!

Dennis Enarson has gone done it again

Just when you thought it was safe to feel good about your riding, Dennis Enarson brings out another web edit. Don’t get upset though, I mean his no doubt one of the best all round riders to have ever touched a BMX. I can understand why he has several signature parts with Demolition. Everything in this is ridiculous, the filming/editing.... Read more!

Casey Smith rocks!

Bringing the 80’s flair into the new age with a mix of riding styles that crosses generations and puts fun at the forefront. Casey Smith is BMX to the core and this edit Colin Mackay sent us through is proof of that. While Casey doesn’t ride for Haro, his infectious vibe sums up that iconic brand with memories of Brian.... Read more!

Four year old BMX twins shredding!

Every year I feel older on a bike, but the BMX always keeps me feeling young. However today is a hard day to swallow as I sit and watch two 4 year old twins get rad around the south island of NZ. From Gorge Road to a few parks, these little dudes are killing it and ain’t scared. I’m sure.... Read more!