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Red Bull Ride and Seek 2012

When you roll with Red Bull, you roll well. Thats all to evident here! They brought a bunch of their top pro riders to Austin including Drew Bezanson, Corey Bohan, Bas Keep, Hucker and Anthony Napolitan, plus a cameo by Joe Rich……

Red Bull Roast it

Mike Davies ventured down to the recent Queenstown trails gig hosted by Red Bull, and by al accounts, it rocked. While we’re sure you’ve seen the clips, here’s an extended photo gallery to get your trail fever burning.

2020 issue 4 cover

Russell Tranter made a massive impact on issue 4 of 2020 with this incredible photo from Aaron Brown. Boom!

Kyle Baldock

For this 20 year old from Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast the last year may have been one of the biggest of his life. And while you see all the hallmarks of the current genre of big trick throwing riders, Kyle has a balanced and well, very mature head on his shoulders. (more…)

Everyday is a Saturday Trailer

The new DVD from Troy Charlesworth and 2020. On sale in bike stores and newsagents across Australia and NZ mid May 2011 for only $9.95. Riders include Zac Miner, Luke Gorecki, Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Dylan White, Liam Zingbergs, Will Horan, Michael Vockenson, Calvin Kosovich, Codie Ryan, Chris Courtenay, Marc Arnold, Cooper Brownlee, Daniel Johnson, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Kajewski, Brock Olive, Jadan.... Read more!

How to: 101 Tricks

BMX’s first ‘How To’ outside of magazines was probably the seminal 101 Tricks Part 1 and 2 brought out by BMX Plus. And in true BMX Plus form, they are kinda wacky. That said, my first taste of learning a bunch of stuff outside of jumping curbs was thanks to these videos. I thrashed em to death, usually with the.... Read more!