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Looking forward

I’ve been meaning to let you know whats cooking here at 2020 HQ. With a few rumours and misquotes floating around, it’s definitely time to set the record straight. Coming back into the 2020 world at full steam earlier this year, I had two big projects I wanted to finish. Two projects that mid last year, I thought may never.... Read more!

Pedal to the Metal with Raphael Jeroma – Williams

Long time Subrosa ripper Raph just unloaded his new edit on the world, Pedal to the Metal which is an understatement if you know how Raph rolls. Filmed over the last months all around the country thanks to a few trips and the travel shows in his riding, versatile! If you’r win the know, you’ll know Raph and a few.... Read more!

KIL Tour Australian style!

Been waiting for this treat for way to long! A few months back, The Shadow Conspiracy hit our side of the world with their KIL tour. US Shadow pro Lahsaan Kobza headed across the Pacific to roll with Mike Vockenson, Jono Hopping, Haimona Ngata, and newcomer Blake Ind. Lotsa spots that included shop signings and local park sessions with Ride.... Read more!

UCNOBMXCO Autumn edit

Adelaide based UCNOBMXCO have been getting busy over the Autumn months, generally riding and having a good time all the time, plus doing some skids in leaves. Which is one of the best things to do at this time of year. The sweet little edit right here makes that clear! Thanks to Josh Castle for the vid goodness!

Ryan Guettler in The Crater: Spot Check

Always amped to see fresh Ryan G footage. Seriously, there ain’t many who’ve been killing it for as long as he has. This little edit is rockin, with Woodward Wests epic Crater bowl getting some warp speed lines from Ryan. The place looks so dialled and it’s pretty easy to see why he’s calling it one of his favourite places.... Read more!

NYC streets 500 riders deep

Rolling with your crew through the streets of any city is fun, although the bigger the crd, the quicker the bust. So when the Monster Street Series hit NYC, that crew became around 500 deep. Talk about hectic and did it’s best to attract the attention of all those you don’t want to know! The NYPD obviously tried to shut.... Read more!

Sydney To Kempsey roadtrip!

Getting a crew together for a road trip is the essence of BMX. So when you get a rather large crew and pack em into a bus, i.e. the Roadtripz Bus on route to Kempsey for the fifth annual Blake Butterfield Memorial Jam, life can only be amazing! Alex Collins, Nathan Tyas, Lachlan Jefferies, Chris Rawson, Kurt Teague (who films.... Read more!

Local is Home with Guy Perrett

A couple of days ago a little conversation between Benn Pigot, Tom Booran and myself had us come to the conclusion that a few Sydney parks were pretty much off limits come the weekend, just too crowded to hit the lines you want at speed. So for Benn weekdays were the answer, but for the likes of Tom and myself.... Read more!

DIY Drains B-Roll

Colony’s summer edit from the drains of Melbourne was a banger, so we’re stoked to see a B-roll drop that is it’s own right just as rocking. Lots of the finest Melbourne spots that I miss so much right now, especially Elwood, those bumpy trannies have something special about them.

The Hattins!

Backyard mini ramp equals epic times at all times, especially with your crew. Adam Cox pulled together exactly that at the Hattins little pice of the BMX dream with a bunch of their friends. Aside Aaron and Josh, Jason Petersen, Jake Mckenna, Jayden Mabilia, Blake Ind, Michael Siciliano, Rahdi Frances-Carter and Shane Conlon all get their shred on. So keen.... Read more!