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Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth Promo is wild!

Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth Promo is wild!

Colony just dropped a new promo for Alex Hiam’s signature frame, the Sweet Tooth. What this doesn’t even come close to explaining, is just how good Alex is in 2015. This is one and a half minutes of enders back to back. So smooth. So many bangers. Always with a smile. Winning the internets today and this year with that.... Read more!

#ThisisBMX California to Arizona

Ryan Guettler’s RV has been paying for itself with a bunch of trips under it’s belt. The latest journey brings some big names form these shores and beyond with Alex Hiam, Harry Main, Chris Courtenay, Ryan Taylor and Kris Fox all on board bound for Arizona. If you love big lines at concrete parks, then this is the best edit.... Read more!

Free Colony DVD

Colony seems to be able to up the anté on nearly everyone when it comes to producing quality content to promote their quality wares. And in this day and age of almost disposable and quickly forgotten web clips, it’s great to see Colony pulling together their best edits into a free Colony DVD. It immortalises the riders and their hard.... Read more!

Tabes For The Babes – Episode 3

Once upon a time it was sex, drugs and BMX, but come 2013, it’s Guns, Babes and BMX! Ryan Guettlers little road trip webisodes are heating up in a big way with episode 3 stepping up on all fronts. The crew invited is tight, Kyle Biller, Kris Fox, Wesley Hark, Alex Hiam, Alex Landeros and Ross Lanier jump in Ryans.... Read more!

Colony Endeavour 2014 promo

The Endeavour was Colony’s first roll of the dice in the complete bike business after just being a components company. It’s success was a testament to the forward thinking and determination of Clint Millars design ideals and making sure a rider got value for money. Come 2014, the Endevour is more dialled than ever and runs a whole slew of.... Read more!

Ride + Eat + Sleep. Repeat

Alex Hiam has done it tough over the last months with injury plaguing his riding hours. But he ain’t been salty and simply moping around, instead he’s been busy honing his filming and editing skills and this little number is the result. It’s solid! I’m digging Alex’s little intro about it all “This edit kinda explains the highs and lows.... Read more!

Alex Hiam Colony edit

Alex Hiam has had a rough six months with a few injuries taking their toll on him. Regardless of that, he’s pulled together one hella good edit that showcases his smooth style and now seemingly endless bag of tricks and combos that make my head spin. I knew he was getting real good, but damn, this is nuts. Alex even.... Read more!