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Loupos and Martin dominate NASS!

Loupos and Martin dominate NASS!

NASS is one of the big events over the European summer, and this year it saw a big crew if Australian riders not only in the mix, but all up in the finals and eventual podium. Chris Nicol, Jack Clark, Brandon Loupos, Logan Martin, Boyd Hilder and maybe a few more showcased just how deep the scene here runs with.... Read more!

Boyd Hilder

Random clips? Maybe, but when pulled together into an edit by Jack Paton, they become something special. Sure HD ain’t in play but the riding more than makes up for it. Boyd is doing it for &forks, Ride On BMX store LKI and Mankind and his tuck over the stairs did it for me.

Boyd Hilder welcome to Mankind

Boyd Hilder is coming up fast. And the crew at Mankind BMX and RideOn have been taking notice, recently hooking him up on flow. Boyd throws down across wood, concrete and dirt in his welcome edit that ticks all the boxes. Sweet edit from Oliver Frank. So digging the ninja drop at Runaway Bay…