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Loupos and Martin dominate NASS!

Loupos and Martin dominate NASS!

NASS is one of the big events over the European summer, and this year it saw a big crew if Australian riders not only in the mix, but all up in the finals and eventual podium. Chris Nicol, Jack Clark, Brandon Loupos, Logan Martin, Boyd Hilder and maybe a few more showcased just how deep the scene here runs with.... Read more!

A minute with Brandon Loupos

Brandon Loupos, one minute without buttoning off, damn, he gets some stuff done. His first gap from the top deck down to the flat bank is rad, I dig hitting it straight, whereas Brandon just whips the whole damn thing. Then it gets wild… Hoping we don’t start getting clips shorter than this though!
Fox BMX does Melbourne!

Fox BMX does Melbourne!

Fox have upped the anté here in Australia as of late, expanding their team in a big way along with getting behind events. Their presence at the BMX Pro event that ran as part of the annual Moomba festivities definitely brought a new level of riding to Riverside with Luke Parker blazing the hell out of the park and taking.... Read more!

Sunday session at Monster….

Not since the last BMX Games has Monster seen such a hyped session. A regular Sunday night at Monster got crazy with Thomas Glew, Brandon Loupos and Andy Buckworth putting down a serious two hour session. Makes me want to go ride that place again! Andy Buckworths flip to fuf is simply ridiculous….

Welcome to the Fox Family Brandon Loupos

Brandon has come a long way in the last couple of years. From a little shredder at Monster to a fully fledged big event placing rider come 2013. His riding ain’t slowed down even a tiny bit over winter and Fox have taken him under their wing as a result, this welcome edit full of clips form his recent time.... Read more!

Brandon Loupos New and Old

Brandon has been having an amazing run over the last months. Placing in events in the southern and northern hemisphere up against the best in the world (and his Australian counterparts) has put him firmly in the spot light of the international community. Hailing from Sydney and with local status at Monster Park, his riding is nothing short of cutting.... Read more!

Fox BMX Pro at Rampfest

Last Friday night saw what can only be described as the most progressive (riding wise) event that has ever taken place on Australian shores. It’s been a long time coming, thats for sure! Bringing together 24 of the countries best park riders was always going to ensure the riding was next level, but what went down is so far beyond.... Read more!

NASS gets owned by Australian riders

The weekend saw two massiveevents go down with the Worlds in Germany and NASS in England. Both events saw Australian riders in the top, but it was NASS that saw Australian riders take the top three positions with Logan Martin taking out numero une followed by Brandon Loupos and Todd Meyn. It ain’t like there was a shortage of talent.... Read more!

Brandon Loupos 10 for 10

Dropping world firsts yesterday and now a 10 clip banger for the tenth anniversary of Woodward West. And for those that thought he couldn’t do a cash roll off resi, think again! Brandon is on it for 2013!

Brandon Loupos drops the cash roll whip

Brandon Loupos stepped it up in a huge way today and landed the worlds first cash roll tailwhip at Woodward West. Unthinkable this morn, stomped today. Thinking Brandon is going to be a massive force to be reckoned with over the next years…