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Industry.au: Haro and John Buultjens

Industry.au: Haro and John Buultjens

Slowly but surely, the first brand in freestyle BMX; Haro is coming under more and more influence from an Australian rider. Well maybe he’s Scottish and may possibly be a US citizen now, but we’ll let that slide as he spent his fair share of time living here! Let us introduce you to the one and only John Buultjens. Easily.... Read more!

Pat Casey versus his backyard….

The backyard mini is a dream many riders have but sadly only a few ever realise. Be it though lack of space, money, cranky neighbours or a million other reasons, the private playground is something many of aspire too. Pat Casey’s backyard mini may be one of the most infamous as of late with some amazing sessions going down that.... Read more!

Casey Smith rocks!

Bringing the 80’s flair into the new age with a mix of riding styles that crosses generations and puts fun at the forefront. Casey Smith is BMX to the core and this edit Colin Mackay sent us through is proof of that. While Casey doesn’t ride for Haro, his infectious vibe sums up that iconic brand with memories of Brian.... Read more!

Winter Trails with Colin Mackay

So slept on this one! Colin Mackay flowing through his local Virginia Beach trails is nothing short of poetry in motion. From the cover of issue one of 2020 to the here and now, Colin is Australian BMX. Much respect!

A little session with the Haro crew…..

Colin Mackay just forwarded through a few photos of a ‘little’ session that went down on Pat Casey’s ramp. And while I’m checkin the photos, here comes the edit. Ryan Nyquist, Dennis Enarson, Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray along with Pat go to work with some seriously big riding getting thrown down. The generations of riders in this clip make.... Read more!

Colin Mackay shreds!

Colin Mackay hit us up on route to a Vans demo in Cuba with a little edit he and Justin Kosman have been working on over the last weeks. To say it got me stoked is an understatement. More than anything, it makes me realise just how long Colin been at the top of his game and BMX for. From.... Read more!

13 year old Jadin Covert for Haro

Colin Mackay has done the full tour of BMX. From grom to one of the countries best, cover of issue #1 of 2020 (and 12!), to pioneering the Australian presence in the US, winning more than a few comps and always holding it down, come 2013, his team manager position at Haro is one that is well deserved. Aside looking.... Read more!

The Rise of Freestyle Book and some rad stuff….

The subject of this post has made my day. Firstly, I scored a copy of the Haro book a few weeks back and finally got the chance to sit down and read it, strangely enough whilst getting full of chemotherapy drugs, so excuse my rambling…. The Rise of Freestyle is a hardcover book documenting Bob Haro’s early years in BMX.... Read more!

Haro Legacy

This is pretty cool. Bringing the past together with the present like no one else can is Haro. When you start this thing called freestyle, or doing tricks on bikes, you get to do this! Past and present Haro team members (or legends if you like) recreate the intro scene for a classic 80’s Haro video. Hoffman, Wilkerson, Blyther, Dominguez.... Read more!

Jason Watts Welcome to Haro

If you saw any of the Van Doren invitational, you might have seen a fairly new name in the US contest scene in the 20 year old Australian shredder Jason Watts. After making himself known there with big air, style and flow he stuck around for a few days to check out some parks in San Diego. This welcome To.... Read more!